Hybrid colubrid

Could I breed a male Texas rat to female chocolate Emory rat snake? I hope. What would the offspring be😶


I believe they have found natural intergrades in the wild so it does not seem like there is any kind of genetic barrier

@thebeardedherper Maybe you have some input on this?

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You absolutely could breed those species to one another, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chocolate P. emoryi x TX rat hybrid, so I don’t know what the young might look like. Please do it and then share photos :slight_smile:


I agree with that, that man loves his hybrids

It actually was also
Called a Great Plains rat … or grey. All the research I’ve done on these locals, they basically are the same … slightly different skull shapes. *** this is not my animal!*****


It’ll be atleast two years and I’ve never gone out of my way to Brumaire an animal strictly for breeding so… wish me luck!

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While absolutely can cross them as you could any north american ratsnakes I would imagine that the offspring would come out looking almost indistinguishable from one or both of the parents so I would not cross them. The reason being that offspring that are not immediately recognizable as something other than either parent species shouldn’t be sold as it has a much higher risk of being accidentally bred as a pure and muddling the blood lines.