Hybrid snakes

What are you thoughts on snake crossbreeds?
Blood python x Ball python
MBK x Cali kingsnake

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There really cool I want a bat eater aka retic x burm

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I think it’s a fine line. If done and sold as breeders I think it harms the gene pool for animals (corn snakes are a famous example). If done for personal enjoyment and they’re only sold as pets then I think it’s okay. I think it’s unnecessary since there are so many morphs and species it’s pointless to make more combinations. With some it’s easy to buy them (with patience and the ability to afford one). They are very difficult to breed so it is necessary to have a lot of experience with breeding the two species first, special attention is needed to decide which one the male is and which is female, often based on egg size and number of each species. It is also difficult to get the babies started because finding incubation, feeding, and care requirements are difficult.
I think this is worth noting here, as far as the tarantula/arachnid and amphibian hobbies cross breeding is extremely frowned upon. Pretty much all serious breeders won’t buy from someone known to have tried cross breeding before. It’s a bad idea because keeping the genetics strong is important and there are hundreds of tarantula/scorpion/frog species, making more is totally unnecessary.
tl;dr It’s unnecessary most of the time and it’s very difficult to do. It’s not recommended by most people and the average hobbyist should not try it (unless they are extremely experienced with those species).