Hydra clown stuff year two

This is my second year creating hydra clowns. I’ve been working this project for a number of years now. It started with my original founding animal, a black butter hydra female I was able to sweet talk Ben out of when I worked for him. I raised her up and bred her to a male clown. Out of that pairing I got three hydras: a male butter hydra het clown and two black butter hydra het clown females. The first of those two combo het females I bred to a fire clown this season. Here are the fun hydra clowns:


Those are all awesome. But #3 is just stunning!


I mean yeah wow super beautiful


Thank you! That one is a fire hydra clown.

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What’s the last one? I’m drawn to dark morphs, and that thing is insane! I mean… it’s ugly, you don’t need to keep it. I can’t imagine anyone would want it so I guess I can take it to raise it lol

Editing to add…. When you say black butter are you indicating black pastel butter? If so I’m assuming that’s what’s at play in the last clown, some type of black pastel hydra (fire?) clown?


I hope this isn’t a stupid question but in colors ( using my art experience as a reference) pastels are typically soft colors like lilac, seafoam etc. Now if we are talking medium pastels are just a medium like chalk, oil paint etc.

Black being the absence of color when light reflection is removed or the sum of all colors.

How can you have black pastel? Because black definitely doesn’t fall into pastel pallet.

Is this just some name someone gave and was like oh, black pastel ?


Thank you so much. The last one is a black pastel fire hydra clown. She’s phenomenal and she is one I’m for sure holding on to. And yes, black butter is black pastel butter.


Yeah, a lot of the names for ball python morphs don’t make a whole lot of sense. Black pastel is just a name for the morph that someone attached to it.


I agree, 3 is my favorite but all are :heart_eyes:

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Very cool project, congrats on your success with it. #4 is amazing

Tell me about it, lol. That’s a lot of the reason why I’ve steered clear of working with bp’s lol. I swear every time i go on MorphMarket ’s ball python section i see another ridiculous name that I can’t make any sense of. It’s awesome how much it’s growing but getting into the bp morph industry in this day and age is starting to look like rocket science, LMAO.

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