Hyla versacolor (Gray Tree Frog)

Hi there!

I’m trying to locate a pair of gray tree frogs and no one seems to have them except some questionable wholesalers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I currently have two WC that stowed away in my camping gear last summer as froglets (about a half inch) and started me down this insane frog-love path.

Now they’re coming up on a year old and couldn’t be more spoiled! We named them Eenie (male) and Meenie (female) because we couldn’t tell them apart when they were so small… So obviously we need Miny and Mo now.



Unfortunately we can’t suggest a specific breeder as that is against our rules here on the forum, however we can still help.

At the moment our Tree Frogs category is still in its infant stages with most being grouped in to the same category, but we have already started the process of improving it and this will include dryophytes versicolor (gray Tree frogs) having there own place to be found on the site.

For now all we can suggest is that you regularly check the tree frogs section, or reach out to a trusted seller and see if they have any they have yet to list for sale.


Awesome, thank you! I’m still figuring out the site, but I’m so glad I found my way here :sunglasses:


Your extremely welcome!

Welcome to the family :blush:


Yes welcome to the forum!! I definitely concur that the situation calls for a ‘Miny’ & ‘Mo!’ :grin: