Hypo in Coral Glow/Banana

I had a clutch from a Coral Glow Champagne Hypo to an Albino poss het Hypo this year.

None of the Champagnes from the clutch have Hypo, neither does the normal.

Is it just the colouring of a Coral Glow that makes it hard to tell if Hypo or not? Or is it really obvious and I’m just clutching at straws that the female proved out?

These 2 shed a few days apart but it’s quite hard to get a picture of how different they are in the flesh.


CG varies a lot, once you’ve made 20-30 of them you’ll get a feel for it lol. Those are both Hypo CG.

You can also wait for them to get some spots in to be certain they are hypo. The spots will look faded vs solid black like usual. Most of the time at least.

From my experience/understanding it turns the yellows to a more orange/duller yellow (similar to how hypo interacts with most morphs) and will make the purple have a slight grey hue to it. Here’s a photo of a hatchling I had last year; that I struggled for the longest time determining if it was hypo or not.

And a slightly newer photo of him once his spots started coming in. Fairly old photos, but I think it shows what I mentioned

Editing to add: he was born with a pretty weird kink, so weird he has belly scales on the side of his body you can see in that first pic. He’s a pet only, and will not be bred, but I kept him as he was a surprise hypo and the genes I wanted from the pairing

After many sheds; and watching it grow, it’s definitely hypo banana cinnamon. Never thought much about the spots like @ashleyraeanne mentioned, but his spots definitely have a grey hue to them and are not a “jet black”

I would agree that both of yours appear hypo.

Another agree here.

Here’s a couple of hypos I hatched with clutchmates, after shedding and then the closest I could capture to the colors after 2 months.

When they have their next shed, you can also check for any type of pattern on the shed, hypos won’t have the markings on it.