Hypo of some sort with a paradox spot?

Getting this little girl on Wednesday. I think she’s a hypo tangerine with a paradox spot? Possibly a hypo baldy?


@mblaney I know ia a leo person and there are many others. They will be along here shortly to help.

It’s a cool looking little thing, for sure!


WOW! I love the contrast on colors. That is sick :fire:


She’s way too young to determine what her adult pattern will be (e.g. Baldy, Hypo, etc.). I believe that the spots present are just part of the normal aging change from stripes to spots. You just need more time to tell for sure, thus far she is a beauty. But you can classify her overall pattern as being Aberrant, which is a start! :wink:

Here’s an example of my gecko Ochocinco as a young juvenile versus an adult:

edit: forgot to add that it looks likely that you will be right and she will be a Hypo Baldy, it’s just that you have to wait to be sure. :wink:


Oh wow she changed drastically over time. I hope her pattern stays though because it is pretty neat and abberant.