Hypo/orange ghost Question

Do orange ghost show up well on candy/toffee or even ultramel ? Is a waste of time for me to even try ?Apparently you cannot visually see that a lavender is hypo ,so im searching for a project that will give me similar result then a lavender but i want to be able to see the hypo effect…If none of the option show im debating between a het puzzle ,a visual clown or a visual genetic stripe.


You can see Hypo in both Lavender and Albino stuff. It’s not an insane difference but it’s definitely visible if you’ve produced albino stuff. Look for pictures of a Sunglow or Lavender Glow and you should be able to spot it. The white around the edges of the pattern will ‘glow’ on hypo amel combos. I know juggernaut reptiles had a Lavender glow they used to post occasionally.


If it’s a good line of Orange Ghost, it should also help in bringing some of those oranges up a little more. As far as hypo itself, it is still a noticeable difference.

Here’s a photo courtesy of Serpent Haven from the market side here.
Candino on top, candy/toffee hypo on the bottom.
The glow is noticable.


ok weird a big breeder told me otherwise when i ask and he specialized in albino :skull: …i did see the sunglow very beautiful but could not find a picture of the lavender glow so assume what he said about lavender to be true and abandoning my project .I even ask for candy and ultramel same and got the same answer. :sweat:

i guess im somehow competition even if we literally live in a different country and don’t export where he live. or maybe he colorblind i dunno and he did not any bad intention !? i do see the glow on the animal that [armiyana] has posted .:woman_shrugging:t2: Thank you !

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These are examples of a Lavender Glow and Sunglow. Anyone that’s ever produced either of them would be able to tell immediately. It’s not crazy but it is obvious.