Hypomelanism in Hondurans

The hypo gene isn’t a recessive in Honduran Milk Snakes. It acts more as a codom since the return is 50/50 (visual hypo/ het hypo). It is still technically a recessive gene but it’s actually a co from. Ask any proven breeders and they will tell you the same. Hopefully MorphMarket will change it soon.

I thought that to be recessive the heterozygous form had to be non-visual. To be dominant you should be able to tell the het hypo from a normal.

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Scientifically, there should be no markers or visual distinctions between hets and normals to be recessive.

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Can you please add some sources?

Everywhere I look says recessive.

Homozygous for Hypomelanism, a recessive trait. Hypo Hondurans are simply unbelievable! We think these are prettier than the albinos. Totally lacking black tipping and with very thin clean bands, all of the colors are accentuated into very clean and pure colors. Almost look pastel, or maybe plastic… A key genetic trait that should be in all collections of Honduran Milksnakes! [1]

Hondurans have a few recessive traits…hypo, albino, and anery…plus a few line-bred traits…tangerine comes to mind. Other subspecies of milksnakes also have recessive and bred traits…Albino Nelson’s, Apricot Pueblan(linebred), Halloween Pueblan(linebred). [2]

Albino Tri-Colour: Recessive
Albino Tangerine: Recessive
Anerythristic: Recessive
Snow: Double Recessive (Anerythristic and Albino)
Hypo/Hypo Tangerine/Hypo Tri-colour: Recessive
Hypo Vanishing Pattern: Recessive and polygenic
Ghost: Double Recessive (Anerythristic and Hypo)
Striped and Aberrant: Polygenic
Tangerine Dream: Polygenic
Hybino: Double Recessive (Albino and Hypo) [3]

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