Hypothetically breeding combos with banana pied

So I have a banana pie male and really no intention of getting a second. But I have been playing with the calculator just for giggles. What possible combos would be cool and budget friendly(say female under 700)? More concerned with keeping the pie than the banana, as I know female banana pies are harder to come by, but don’t want the basic pastel and OD combos. Working on learning genetics, trying to start working to understand what I have

Bonus for pics or links to the potential mother and offspring.

Banana is an incomplete dominant gene and piebald is recessive. If want to make banana pieds you only need a heterozygous or homozygous pied (visual pied or het pied). A percentage of the babies have a chance to be a banana because of the way inc. dominant genes are inherited.

For example if you purchased a Leopard Lesser Pied female, all of your offspring would be at least visual (homozygous) pied. Each of them will have a chance to be either Leopard, Lesser, or Banana or some combination of those genes.

My vote would be something with clown. Might not find a clown hiet pied in your price range though. Worth looking!

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Depends on what you like most with Pied. Dark, bright, diffused, or something else. All solid in my opinion.

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