I am so confused please help

i’ve been keeping snakes for about two years now, and I have recently gotten variant into corn snakes. I have five corn snakes as of right now, and I live in the state of Tennessee I have recently inquired about a snake in A different state and they said something about sending me papers on her. Do I need papers to own my corn snakes papers to breed corn snakes I’m just confused on what paperwork I need to get for them if they need paperwork at all so far I’ve bought all my corn snakes in Tennessee, but I do want to branch out and try to breed, but everywhere I look is giving me a different .


Looks like you guys might have to have permits. Always good to check with DNR/F&W for specifics though.


I have seen two different things regarding this.

  1. You can not own them without a permit

  2. You can own them without a permit but you have to have proof that it is a CBB animal

I personally would contact your states wildlife department.


I also live in Tennessee, and in all the reptile groups I am in, I have never heard of permits for corn snakes. I can ask around and see if there are any, but I’ve seen people who are selling them both in expos and just around, with no indications of needing permits… but I don’t know.


Here’s the relevant rules and regulations regarding owning corn snakes in Tennessee. To possess a corn snake, you are not required to have a permit. You are, however, required to have proof that the animal was purchased from a breeder and not wild caught, as well as an importation permit if it is coming from out of state. This is documented in 1660-01-18-.01(4):

And 1660-01-18.02 (2e) states:

Now, as for import and propagation (breeding) you are absolutely required to be permitted. You can find the propagation code here: Tenn. Code Ann. § 70-4-410. A permit for propagation is $305, I assume annually, and can be found here.

The code regarding importation is found at: Tenn. Code Ann. § 70-4-411
Importation permits are either a single shipment fee of $31 or an annual fee of $244, and are found here.