My 4 yo, Evelyn, & I have been tong-feeding our baby garters every day for over a week. It takes a lot of patience, getting ahold of 8 baby snakes individually. They’re panicky & fast until I get the food near them. Then, they decide I’m swell, lol. Then Evelyn holds each one for a bit as it works on swallowing its bite, because it’s a lot safer for them than eating together. I have broken up a few scary fights around the food dish in which one liddel guy would be working on swallowing a bite, & even though there’s a food dish right there, full of more scrumptious tidbits, another snek would come up & try to swallow its buddy’s head because it was waving around an om-nom-nom, & that’s super exciting if you ask a garter! These cuties have been begging for food like this whenever they hear my voice, like our fish do when they see movement near their tank. Tonight, Yennifer of Vangerberg (pictured here on the left with none other than Geralt of Rivia on the right, of course) willingly climbed into my hand, twice, to get 2 more bites after I put her away & told her she had eaten enough. I was trying to catch someone else both times she did that. I’m not gonna lie - when a formerly spastic baby garter snake willingly climbs up in your hand, it makes you feel like The Beastmaster, teehee.


That is such a cute story! And the wee bebes are adorable!