I believe the bioactive is much appreciated 👍

My little beast of war is treated with a new cage tonight along with a proper bio

I don’t usually share anything about my KSB or any I’ve had previously but thought this time around might as well since this will be his first “proper” enclosure since I didn’t feel like I did too well on the previous two. Finally happy with this and I hope he is too!


Looks like a great setup and I see the little guy already checking it out! Good job and best of luck to you and him! :heart::keycap_ten:


Here’s little snoopy showing of his climbing skills in his new home


Going bioactive takes a lot of work out of the set up. When it makes sense anyway


Welcome to the forum @dianne67! Your little snoopy is quite a cutie! I have never seen a climbing sand boa! Lol! Does he burrow at all? What kind of isopods do you have in there?

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