I breed sunglow het tremper with diablo blanco. What morph is outsrping?

I breed sunglow het tremper with diablo blanco. What morph is outsrping?


First, I do recommend doing more research into the genetics before just breeding them together. That said…

A sunglow is:
super hypo
Carrot tail
temper albino.
You cannot have a het temper that is albino unless the visual albino is Vegas/rainwater or Bell.
(Which if it is carrying 2 albino genes I do not recommend breeding and the offspring should be pet only)

A Diablo Blanco the usual genes are:
Temper Albino
They’re supposed to also have patternless stripe from the original RAPTR lines…but they may have been diluted out in some cases. So yeah…depends on the breeder a bit.

The offspring, if your sunglow is actually Temper Albino only… Would be visual Temper Albino, het Eclipse, het Blizzard.
The rest of the genes are a not guaranteed because the SHCT are polymorphic, not recessive. So some may have more pattern than others.


I agree with this in particular. One of the animals you described (‘Sunglow het Tremper’) has a morph description that isn’t possible/makes no sense, just as @armiyana said. Since the genetics for that gecko are therefore unclear, you can’t know for sure what the genetics of any of its offspring will be. So I would just describe any babies as ‘Pet Only’ and make sure their new owners don’t breed them.

To go over what @armiyana pointed out again:

  • Sunglow = a bright/‘sunny’-colored visual Albino, a bright one. Default is Tremper, as historically that’s where the term ‘Sunglow’ started, if I remember, but without an additional designator, it’s impossible to know 100% which of the 3 albino strains is at play.

  • het Tremper= carrying genes for Tremper (heterozygous), but looks Normal on the outside.

So, you cannot have a Tremper albino het for Tremper Albino.