I can't be the only one

Is morph market your “social media” or is it just me? - I’d much rather scroll through the posts on here all day long than to be on fb or Instagram!! Appreciate morph market so much and the very knowledgeable people on here. :blush:


Might as well be my social media as many times I impulsively check this for new content and such. Much worse places to be after all…


Though I do now use Instagram I don’t use it to socialise but rather to just show of my snakes. I’m much more of a lurker on there than on this forum.

I also use Reddit which I have 2 accounts for. One specifically subscribed to subs like r/reptiles r/snakes r/ballpythons and so on and one just for watching funny videos… Again I’m just a lurker on there and very rarely post.

Facebook isn’t for me, it just feels like a pit of advertising and pictures of other people’s children, but I needed a account to use a certain reptile courier service, so I do have have it and my Instagram pictures automatically share to it.

I love it here, the only place you see anyone post picture of there kids is here … Junior herpers are the future, let’s see those kids with reptiles :joy:


Never thought about having and Instagram just for my reptile family! Good idea!


I love this morphmarket community. In a way I do feel its become a sort of social media. I know i would rather spend my days on Instagram or in here than on Facebook.


I HATE social media/ I have FB for my kids and my wife but I always post stuff wrong or use the wrong little smiley face thing. or I do not answer right away or something. on here it is just about reptiles and I have not seen any other mess. I even tried a backyard chicken site but to much fighting and politic creep in on there too. This is the only one I really look forward to reading. Only thing here is that sometimes I don’t post because the question has already been answered and I have nothing to add because the answer is correct.


Like the rest of all of you I absolutely love this place. One of the only forums that I continually come back to or post consistantly in. I do however use social media to both socialize and see other people’s animals but yeah it can get much messier than this forum has or ever will. We have great mods who are on top of everything so I see this forum going far and being stable unlike some other places. I also love how only those who are truly in love with this hobby stick around and it’s not just your average joe who comes to just waste time. I would consider some users on here to even be friends such as @eaglereptiles. He thinks I’m off my rocker but it’s all in good fun haha.