I don't know where to put this?

Hi I have a lot of kind followers on here. I just wondered if any of you guys would be interested in a British pod cast. I usually shy away from invites but I thought hey why not??
I chat about my photography and mental health briefly. There will be more episodes on this…
It is important to understand I have skipped my meds or I would be asleep and had 3litres of diet cherry coke as I don’t do caffeine LOL

I am born and bred Welsh but on a border with England so I sound like a farmer lol


This is wonderful content :grin:

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I have been asked soo many times to do one and I always said no. It was great we had over 4 hours and lots of laughs. I got a sore throat from talking. They liked me so we will be doing more.


I will add this to the list of podcasts to give a listen to!


awesome :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out. So welsh isnt just a name…your actually Welsh? Cool.


Yes my name is Candi…well Cand…
I am born and bred Welsh. We learned Welsh at primary and secondary school. I speak Welsh


Cool. My real name’s Mark. But I have a friend (well trying to rebuild the friendship) with a girl with a Welsh name.

Prior to meeting her several yrs ago I didnt know the Welsh name Cerys existed. Im just hoping I can patch up my friendship with Cerys because shes dear to me. Sadly its not going great and she gave me anxiety last night.


Yes Cerys is a popular name. One of my faves is “Seren” it means star. My great dane is called Seren…
Aww bless you. I hope you manage to sort something with her <3

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Thanks!! I hope so too. Ive put a lot of effort into it. I wish I could go see her. But shes in Texas. Cerys used to be a super close friend…I wanna get that back.

Hi I’m from Wales too although my Welsh language skills aren’t spot on :joy: nice to meet you @welshmorphology from not so sunny Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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HEYYY cool :slight_smile: lovely to meet you too. Diolch

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