I feel like im failing

I worry im doing everything wrong and that im not going to be a good snake mom.

I just saw that my baby knocked his wather dish over and it spiked the humidity up to like 90%. I immediately wiped up the water and cleaned up the tub and then put the tub back together. I let Snowfall crawl up my arm and he took a rest on my shoulders while i cleaned. Im just so worried im doing it wrong and being a bad mom, i would be devastated if something happens to him. I was thinking of doing screen window on the lid of the tub and buying a small dehumidifier for the room as it can be pretty humid sometimes. I know rosy’s don’t do well with humidy above 60%.

Am i overreacting and overwhelming myself? I never worried like this withhuman children maybe because i had years of experience growing up with lots of siblings and helping with daycare and babysitting. I honestly feel like crying. Im open to all help here, thank you


A reminder: though we keep snakes in captivity, they are no different than snakes in the wild, and nature is not constant. Temporary spikes aren’t going to be immediately harmful. Take a step back and a deep breath, remember that these animals aren’t as fragile as we think. You’re doing great, your concern is proof of that. :blue_heart:


Noodles are notorious for getting in trouble in ways we don’t expect.
I had to go to heavier ceramic dishes for my snakes because they’re so good at tipping them. If you need smaller bowls, I like to peek around the small animal section of pet stores. they have some hefty bowls for rabbits or hamsters who tip theirs too much.

A little spike here and there if caught quickly shouldn’t affect them too much, the issue would more be if you were less attentive and just let it stay that way.


I’ve had a couple of my hognoses quite literally launch themselves out of their tubs going after food, and subsequently falling on the floor. They’ve always been fine despite this. Snakes just do snake things, even if they’re not really the best thing to do.

In fact, I had one do this right after finishing his meal. I had opened his tub to check on him, and… yep, right onto the floor he went.
And no, he didn’t regurgitate despite this.
Blizzard doesn’t have enough braincells to be stressed I don’t think, he’s just always in food mode :joy:

Said snake in question:


Awww what a cutie :heart: what he may lack in brains he more than makes up for in cuteness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :snake:


Snows are the best color for hognoses in my opinion lol. I so need one.


I think so too! His markings are a light salmon pink color in person.

I’m hoping to make some yetis and super yetis down the line — I plan to pair him to my albino superconda female, then hold back at least a male (the entire clutch would be albino conda het snow) to pair to my conda het snow female I’m also raising up.

I might also keep back a female to pair back to Blizzard. Unsure on that yet though :joy:

Oops, kinda got off topic there


Snakes are big dumb babies.
Don’t worry too much if things aren’t ideal for a day or two. Nature isn’t ideal and snakes can handle quite a bit.

As for the water bowl, I use heavy ceramic planting bowls. Looks pretty, holds water, big enough for snake to go in, and maybe a quarter of the price of a reptile branded bowl. Also the high edge keeps them from dragging aaaaall the bedding in.

My ball python so far has escaped twice, both times in the dead of winter. You’d think she was cold and sleepy when you found her but no. Cold snake, but every bit of spicy personality quite intact. She’s also ripped her heating lamp out once and had to spend a weekend with nothing but a flimsy heating cord.

I also basically spent the first year attempting to get the humidty right because it’d either sit at 50 or 90 with nothing in between. Snake shed and ate just right, attempting to snack on a human hand every once in a while :smiling_face_with_tear:


Take a deep breath!

Like everyone has said, they all get into trouble. And that’s okay. Temporary spikes in humidity won’t be the end of the world. They endure so much more in the wild, that little things like this aren’t going to do much harm, if any. Hell, one of our baby geckos escaped and cuddled into an old paper towel. She was cold, but fine.

One other baby dropped its tail when I went to pick them up.

Things happen, like with any pet. And that’s okay. You’re not a bad mom. The fact that you care so much about something so little proves that. :purple_heart: