I feel the OTM selection should be broken down further

I feel (imo) that inverts should be separated from amphibians.

My reason for this is amphibian are cuter and perhaps safer and easier to photograph. They don’t elicit the same fear/revulsion as do invertebrates. This could negatively affect ones views about what is a good photograph or not. Of course everyone has their own personal biases, likes and dislikes, but i feel lumping the “cute” with the “creepy” might negatively impact results.

Believe it or not scorpions such as i have are extremely difficult to photograph safely in their enclosure as they have excellent hearing and have special appendages that can feel vibrations and they can tell from which direction, as well as many hairs that can also pick up wind and vibrations. Scorpions hate light and run at 1st sight of it. Bright lights can blind them as well so that rules out lighting options and flashes.

Of course i understand this is all for fun and no real prize awarded except bragging rights.

It’s just my thoughts on it, other than my 2 snakes i have no category except aracnids which i think brings up more negative feelings than those of snakes ( lucky for us most of us here have a snake or are not otherwise repulsed)

Just my thoughts thank you.

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There’s not enough amphibians and inverts to be separated unfortunately, so I think for now keeping together is ideal.

Or people will then want different snakes added too I think… Lizards… will be a lot :sweat_smile:


Definitely don’t agree here. If you’re into reptiles you’re usually into the weird and wonderfully also!
I didn’t actually choose a frog this time at all as my fav :sweat_smile:

I think a lot of us, if not most go by the image. Not the ‘cuteness’. Like with all other categories on there.


Don’t think negatively, it’s all fun and games and Infact I usually prefer the inverts!


I think it’s a good idea but I don’t think there are enough pictures for that. There are only a handful of pictures submitted every month, so dividing it up would only leave a few. But, for the entire year, only amphibians have won the competition. If everybody with amphibians or inverts submitted pictures of them, I think they could be divided up.


Thanks for y’alls perspective on this.

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