I found Orange Crush but need help bc I can't get to her

I found Orange Crush because i noticed my cat paying attention to the refrigerator. The problem is she is actually behind the cabinets between the refrigerator and the stove and she is actually wedged between the wall and the gap in the cabinets. I need help or advice on how to retrieve her. She ducked back in when she saw my flashlight she also looks lime she is in a shed phase. Any advice will be taken seriously here i love my baby and i want her back to my loving care, im sure she must be hungery.


Nicely done!! If she’s blue, she may not be easily encouraged out but here are a couple of ideas. You’ve probably thought of most of them but here are a few enticing possibilities.

She may come for water. You can try putting her bin on the floor near where she is on its side with a dish of fresh water. The bin and any bedding it’s still got will smell familiar and thus safe.

If you’ve got a 2-liter bottle you can make a snake trap and put a thawed mouse inside. Cut off the bottle’s top at the “shoulders” then put the mouse inside. Invert the top portion of the bottle and put it back on so the opening is now inside the bottom part. Tape it on securely, making sure not to leave any sticky portions uncovered. You don’t want to catch her that way! Put it near where she is.

They like feeling contact all over their body. Try putting a t-shirt or other item of clothing on the floor near where she is but not right against her hiding spot. You might pop it into the dryer to warm it. If she goes in for the warmth she’ll likely stay even as it cools to room temperature.

You might try adding warmth to any of these. If you have a hot water bottle, that’s perfect. If not, you can fill any sealing bottle or container with hot water. It will hold warmth for a long while.

If you see that she’s not in her current hiding spot, try and block it with something before you check the “traps.” She’ll be obvious in the bottle trap of course, but you don’t want her dashing from the bin back into her current spot.

I’m SO GLAD for you!! You will get her safely recaptured soon. Yay!!!


Glad to hear you found her! @caryl gave great ideas, I can’t really think of anything to add, I hope one of them works and you can manage to get her safely back into her home. I am cheering for you both!


I thought about the bottle trap as im sure she has got to be hungery and thirsty. I see her shed skin on the floor near where i saw her head.

I was thinking of blocking off the one end and maybe having a friend bring a jigsaw to cut the cabinet ( this would be a last resort as it would leave permanent damage and likely affect my security deposit if i move)

Im just happy at this point to know at least where she is and hopefully she will be safe in my care soon. This time she is going in the locking screen top enclosure for her safety ( no more tub) i can’t believe just how small of a crack she squeezed herself into, they say cats are liquid but now i know snakes are too. :joy: :snake:


I taped off the other end so she only has 1 exit now. I put a heating pad down with towels so it wont be so hot i will have to check hourly as it has a shutoff timer.( i dont have an extra heat mat) i also cut the top off of a 2 litere bottle and inverted it so the top faces inward. I placed the bottle on top of the towels and put a thawed warmed fuzzy in the bottle. Im really hoping heat and food will entice her out i will put my little water dish that is hers out so if she is thirty she may drink.

I really hope i catch her because i love her so much and don’t want her to get injured or die.

Fingers crossed i get her tonight or tomorrow. I feel so bad about her getting loose and her not eating or drinking for so long. Her color didn’t look vibrant as she normally is. I can definitely use good vibes here.


Good luck! I hope you can retrieve her! :crossed_fingers:


I’m confident that your little rebel will soon be safely in your care again. Prayers said, fingers crossed!


Yay, I’m so glad you found her! It’s too bad she managed to find a hiding place that makes her so difficult to retrieve, but at least you’ve located her and have confirmed she’s alive and well. I’m sure you’ll be able to get her back to safety soon. Folks have given you some good suggestions for luring her out, I don’t have any other brilliant ideas to add. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. Fingers crossed you catch her soon! :crossed_fingers:


Can you unscrew the cabinet from the wall and the cabinet next to it? Most kitchen cabinets are attached to the wall near the top of the cabinet. Side attachments are behind the hinge or shelf sometimes this way you don’t see the screw head.


You may have to cut the caulk where the countertop meets the wall or tile. Just use a razor knife for this.


Oh man, my worst fear. I had a BP get stuck-ish in my futon recently and was terrified she’d get crushed. She ended up fine.

I will say it’s good to hear a boa can get out of a tub, I almost put my Colombian in a tub with locking handles that I convert with vents and stuff, but got nervous since he is so exploritory and able to climb. I used it for a BP instead who does great in it and got him a used front opening glass terrarium til he needs a 4x2x2 or 3x2x2.

I wish you luck, hopefully you don’t have to destroy the counter. My boa goes into hiding for a week when he sheds so I’m surprised of all times that’s when yours went exploring lol. Would luring out with the scent of thawing rodents work? Just a thought, but I know my boy would go anywhere anytime when he smells food lol. Good luck!


See she dident run uhh… (slither) away, she just got lost exploring!!