I have a funny story about my spiders

When i was younger i use to field collect spiders and also catch insects to feed them. I remember thinking it was a good idea to feed one of my big spiders an earth worm​:joy: i was like they gotta have a lot more blood than a cricket. So i threw the worm in and the next morning well my spider sure ate it but omg the smell in the tank was sooo bad i almost threw up​:joy: i still can remember that smell to this day, ill never feed my spider an earthworm ever again​:joy::joy::joy:


As someone who once fished only with earthworms, and remembering that smell when you don’t put the worm box in the fridge… oh yeah, I remember that smell!


Ah man, you’re not kidding! Reading this bright back the hideous memory of the time when I opened a container of fishing worms which had sat on a deck railing in the sun for an afternoon, then stayed there overnight. It was one of the vilest things I’ve ever smelled, or seen for that matter. I’m glad I didn’t eat lunch yet today…


So this is why my dad has always stressed putting the worms in the fridge quickly…