I just lost my corn snake

i just lost my 2nd snake “nick” he was a good eater and i hope we can find him.

What kind of an enclosure did you have him in? And how do you think he escaped?
If this is the second snake you’ve lost, I would look into making sure your enclosures are more secure.


he was in a snake rack and i think i did not close it all the way

Ok, that’s one of the most common causes for escape, especially with smaller species.

I’ve never had a snake escape, but I’ve heard this has worked.
You could use a tub(with a lid) and make a small entrance for the snake to enter, try to make it so he can’t get out once inside. Put a fresh thawed warm prey inside and place it near where you may think he is. I can’t say for sure that works as I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard it does.

Also look for darker spots in your house, and warmer spots at night. Also he may be closer to your rack than you think, sometimes they find a secure spot and just hang out.

Hopefully more will chime in with their experiences, and knowledge on the matter.
Good luck.

I am not an expert on this by a long shot, but I did have a friend recover her colubrid (not sure what species) something like 6 months or a year after. So it may be a good idea to not give up too easily, when there’s still plenty of hope.

Perhaps try putting its hide on top of the substrate from its tub, maybe over a UTH, if you could do it safely?

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I have had friends put a heated blanket on the floor at night and that worked

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If you have a read through some of these threads you will find some useful tips :crossed_fingers:

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Rod McLead of Highland Herps has an excellent youtube video on how to build an excellent snake trap:

Hope you find it!