I like big butts and i cannot lie 🕷

My girl is thiccc, i really do love her :heart: i know it sounds “wierd” to love a black widow spider but i do get a lot of enjoyment watching her and so does my kitty :joy:.

I know for some reason people have strong feelings about spiders but once you get to know them ( exposure helps ) you will come to love them as i do. They really aren’t as bad as people make them out to be.

Most spiders are super easy to care for give them a set up like have and she will often hang out in her favorite spot, throw in a couple crickets every week and give her a little mist, although like scorpions they get most of their moisture from their food.

Maybe ill make a covert here :joy: yes @lumpy i thought of you. :heart:


I actually kept wolf spiders back when I lived in NY. They were ones that I caught outside but I would find moths and beetles to feed them. So, you don’t have to convert me to loving bugs, when I was a kid I would go every year to Cornell University’s bug show. Now, I just have to get a deathstalker lol :joy:.