I like snakes ok!?!

Ok I am a person who likes reptiles so much it’s my gamertag but I still don’t have any reptiles yet! (YET) I’m going to get a ball python for my birthday and I’m super excited! Anyway I have done lots of research so I am prepared to get a ball python but I still have a lot to learn! so if you have any advice or suggestions for beginners getting a first snake it would help me a lot! (I plan on getting a banana pied because my favorite morphs are banana and pied so them combined is absolutely beautiful!). I’ve had two reptiles before, a leo and a softshell turtle that we found in our river and raised until it was ready to be released (I was like five and very uncreative so I named it Bendy because it’s shell was bendy). I Currently have one cat at my dads house and three cats, a dog and two really annoying birds at my moms house. I want to be a reptile breeder when I grow up because I love baby animals! (FYI the leo escaped and started living in our walls but we never saw it again because we moved).:confused:


Welcome! You’ll find a lot of great experts here to advise on good ideas for Ball Python care.

I just got my first this year and he is such a darling. I looked specifically for a smaller breeder who was socializing their animals and making sure they eat well, so Finnley is charming and friendly, and slams his weekly mouse so far. Ball pythons make great Pet snakes because they seem almost pleased to be your buddy as you build a trusting relationship up. They’re full of personality!


Thank you! I’m looking forward to being part of the MorphMarket community


There is so much to learn that you won’t find by doing searches online. There is so much out there that is not correct or outdated. You can however find just about everything here, but not all in one place. You will have to search or ask.

Some advice,
I know the glass tanks can look cool and you can decorate them up. But to be honest, it is probably the hardest to use for keeping temps and humidity where they need to be. And they are more expensive.

Lighting, for balls, is not needed. Natural room light works just fine. This would include light from a window or leaving a room light on.

Heat, getting a thermostat or a pad that can adjust is a must. Having a heat gun (or a touch less thermometer that also reads surfaces temps) will help to keep temps correct.

There is so much to cover, that you will just need to read or ask. Even if you think you know, still ask, it never hurts.

Also be prepared for problems, such as eating, correcting temps and humidity, shedding. Mostly and I think everyone on here will agree, MOSTLY, have money set aside for vet bills. If you can not do this, then please do not get one. Also make sure there is a vet that can treat it.

They are amazing animals and enjoyable. I personally feel you are making the correct choice with a ball python.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I have done a lot of research but I am still a beginner and I still have a lot to learn! I have a treehouse that is also my bedroom that me and my dad are building, and we were going to diy the cage and put it on the bookshelf so that it would be out of the way but we would still be able to see it clearly. We were probably going to do Front opening,pvc and clear plastic but if that doesn’t sound like a good idea then please let me know!


And yes I have heard plenty about ball pythons going on feeding strakes and for up to months at a time! I can’t imagine not eating that long!


Anything I will work. Just keep in mind that glass will not hold heat very well (or at least as good as other options). Storage tubs, professional built pvc, racks are all better options. Something almost fully enclosed to where you can control the heat and humidity is the best way to go. Glass can be hard work to get it tuned in and changes throughout the year.

With pvc (and some might disagree with me) you do not need any lighting inside and do use an external heat pad. This is the safest thing to help cut down on injuries.


Welcome to the club! All I can say is research, research, research. Never stop learning.

Welcome! This is a great community.