I lost my crested gecko Woody

:frowning: I was holding Woody last night, he was climbing on me,jumping on my head…being a crestie. He managed to jump to the floor, I went to pick him up and he jumped under a rolling cart, I moved the cart and he was gone. I moved furniture, looked everywhere and didn’t find him. I put his tank with food and water on the floor near where he disappeared. I’m not sure what else to do. :cry: I’m afraid he is just gone.


I’d set up some small trip wires (twine so if he’s passed through there will be a noticeable difference), since they usually climb on the walls I don’t know how effective flour would be but you could try putting flour down around the areas that he might pass through. You can get a motion activated infrared camera that should be able to see in the dark since they’re nocturnal then it’ll notify you when it sees movement. Try to isolate all rooms by closing doors and depending on the size of the gecko and gaps in between doors possibly stuff towels under the door frames. Somebody else would probably know better than me about this but how about leaving the lights on 24/7 in one area and keeping another area dark. You could then after a while assume he is in that new area, isolate it (by closing a door) and searching it. You could also leave the tank open and cover three sides of it to keep it dark so hopefully Woody will go in there. You might also have to mist the tank often and if you have supplemental heating maybe increase it since you’d have the door open so he’d hopefully go in the tank. I don’t know if this would work or not but maybe putting out little bits of banana to attract him and if you have a camera hopefully catch him in the act and learn about his movements and then actually catch him and return him back to his cage. You can do the same thing with water, maybe get whatever he’s used to drinking off of and put something similar to it in the room and mist it and like the banana try to catch him drinking off of it. Try to keep the room that you think he’s in closest to the environment in the tank to try to keep him alive as long as possible so you can try to find him. Also possibly use these techniques in other rooms that he might have gone to.

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Thank you for your advice. I have his tank on the floor with food and water. I live in the deep south so our humidity is pretty high. Unfortunately I lost him in the great room so I can’t really close it off.
I’m really afraid he may have got into the floor vent, I swear his head is too big to fit, but it could explain how he just disappeared.
I appreciate your concern.

Don’t give up yet, I think traps are the main thing you can do right now. If you get a scope camera you could look down the vent to see if he’s down there, until then I’d try to cover all openings whether with a hard object or if they still need circulation a mesh screen. Cresties are fast, just because they disappear doesn’t mean they went to the closest exit, he could’ve jumped on the wall and ran off before you could’ve noticed.

Thanks, I’ll pull the vent cover when I get home today. Or maybe he will be in his tank. It’s an Exoterra so he can go right in.


Our cresty went on an adventure 1 time for the whole night. Still have no idea how he got out but it never happened again. I really searched online for tips and tricks and found that cresties in the house almost do the same as in nature. They climb up till about the hight of your head in a covered space. When I followed that advice I found him within 15 minutes hiding in the curtains. Luckily he was used to being handled do I could just pick him up and put him back. He really enjoyed it because every chance her saw to escape in the months after he tried to get out. :sweat_smile:

So the chance he stayed on the floor is small. Try to check on eye level in places that resemble the coverage leaves give.

Good luck!!! Hope you find him soon


I FOUND HIM.:grin: thank you everyone for your help and support. I found him on the floor in a corner a few feet away from where I lost him. I think he was glad to get back into his tank. He seems none the worse for his adventures.

Ignore the mess, we had a hurricane last night.


So happy that it all turned out for the better. I believe that he will have a nice long life with you. @xamier I find it ironic that he was so close but lost. It makes me question how close we are, as individuals, to where we need to be, and we are now.

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