I love my chonky boy

I love my chonky boy Snowfall so much, he is such a calm snake. Its too bad others don’t give my snake a chance, he really is sweet and gentle. Of course im missing my baby Orange Crush bunches as she has yet to be found. There is definitely nothing to fear from my small species snake who actually is a protected species because of the amount of people that can simply pick them up in the wild and they rarely bite. I honestly hope my next caregiver has a better attitude towards my animals than this one that quit twice on me. There is like 0 chance that my animals will hurt anyone except maybe my cat. Heck even my hot or very hot scorpion collection really pose no threat.

Snow literally will just stay put even when i open the lid to check on him and to clean.


Awww, he’s such a handsome boy! I’m glad that at least one of your first snakes has a calm and lovely temperment.

Neither of my snakes will try to make a break for it when I open up the enclosure to do checks/cleaning. My sand boa will burrow away from me and hide, though there’s been a few times that I’ve caught her inspecting the doors of her enclosure after I’m done. My blood python (a species that has a bit of a reputation for being grumpy and bitey) will sometimes lift her head and flick her tongue when I open up her tub, but she’s never been defensive, and she didn’t even escape when I was an idiot and accidentally left the lid of her tub unlatched all day. :person_facepalming: Just goes to show that even with species who may have a less-than-stellar reputation, there’s still not really anything to fear.

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Exactly, besides every animal cannot be lumped together just as people can’t be. I can see the difference in personality of all my animals, some are bold and others prefer to hide the second i open the lid. scorpions are amazing creatures that make up for poor eyesight with other incredible senses, they also have a highly developed hearing.

If we actually account for every human interaction across the globe vs the actual amount that die we are talking miniscule percentage. The media fuels the fear when they report “1 person died after being stung, bit etc.” They fail to mention just how actually rare it is that someone dies. They say that for every snake bite envenomations there are 10 scorpion envenomations yet only about 1000 die ( mostly because they didn’t seek treatment) we humans are a far bigger threat to animals than they are to us. I believe that there is something like we kill 10,000 sharks a day world wide but sharks only account for a gew deaths a year. We are far greater threat.

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Most animals with “bad reputations” are nowhere near as bad as people make them out to be. Blood pythons’ bad reputation is mostly a holdover from when they were new to the hobby and they were being kept much too hot. When they get too hot, they can get grumpy and reactive, but when kept at more moderate temperatures, they’re usually quite lovely.

And yeah, humans are by far the most dangerous and destructive animals on the planet. We pose a far greater risk to all animals than all animals put together pose to us.

There’s a YouTube channel where a guy flies a drone over the coastal waters of Malibu to get footage of great white sharks (he’s captured some amazing footage), and the number of times he’s filmed these sharks just a few yards away from human swimmers, surfers, kayakers, etc. is pretty astounding. And yet nothing happens. The sharks ignore the people, and the people are usually blissfully unaware that there are sometimes multiple great whites within spitting distance from them. These supposed “man eaters” are always out there, often right around lots of human activity. If you’ve ever been swimming at the beach, odds are pretty high you’ve been near a great white (or even several great whites). If they saw us as viable prey and were out to get us, there would be hundreds if not thousands of shark attacks a day…but there aren’t.


I was raised in Huntington Beach California and spent many a day at the beach in the water. My parents use to tell everyone i was part fish😂 i seen plenty of sharks in the waters, never got attacked. Most attacks usually happen when people are swimming near seal and sea lion populations and its typically mistaken identity.


There is but a handful of species that would actually hunt a human and thats typically when humans cross over into the animals realm, such as a nile croc or salty, but even then they are not specifically after a human but if a human happens by they would likely eat you. I think maybe tigers and lions would possibly be the 2 top predators that would choose a human. Even with the few species if we were to look at probability and other factors it would be a negligible number.

Of course im not gonna go trapsing through the wilderness without protective gear etc. Only an idiot would want to pet a grizzly or play with a bison or a moose ( yep there are those out there) but natural selection should take care of that, most definitely not the animals fault if you get mauled.


My chonky boy is such an amazing eater, he has never turned down a meal. He also loves his paper towel roll. He is doing really well and i hope he will love his new enclosure when i put it together, i also hope ill be able to hold and hug him after quarantine. I been very limiting in contact with him. Is it bad to kiss a snake?