I’m Amanda - thanks for having me!

Hey there! I’m Amanda and I’m a professional MMA fighter in the Atlanta area. Originally from Pennsylvania, in the summers during high school and on the weekends while in college, I worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center where I rehabbed sick/injured wildlife for release as well as cared for multiple permanent residents. I’ve been a reptile lover since I was a toddler and actually had a stuffed snake instead of a teddy bear! :sweat_smile:

My first three years of college were for Pre-Vet but ended up switching my major and graduating with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology after I got into competitive sports. I started powerlifting professionally in college and after relocating to Atlanta in 2017 with my husband, I got into MMA (mixed martial arts). I think about returning to the wildlife rehab scene constantly!

After previous years of not having any reptiles due to being a broke, newly graduated and relocated married couple - fast forward to now - the sweetest black ratsnake caught in some gardening wire in my back yard re lit the crazy! While stopping in a reptile shop to pick up some supplies to keep this ratsnake cozy while he healed, I impulse bought the cutest male albino conda hognose baby. And back on the obsession train we are!

In addition to my hognose, Piglet (3 months), I have:
Celia - Female Ball Python - Black Pastel Mojave het Orange Dream (4 months)
Voodoo - Female Boa (BCI) - IMG Arabesque Jungle (6 months)
And my three fur babies:
Chunk & Ruby - brother & sister Goldendoodles (2.5 years)
Rocco - Chiweenie (6 years)

While I have extensive background knowledge, years of animal handling and owning - I am a little rusty at owning scale babies but have been loving what this rekindled passion is doing for my mental health. A lovely distraction from my other responsibilities in my downtime. It’s amazing how much these creatures do for us.

Thankful I have found this community which already seems to be so welcoming and supportive compared to some spaces I’ve seen that seem to be very critical. Looking forward to learning about others in the community!

Instagram: @amandamacioce @cuddling_varmints


Welcome and that’s totally badass! I have a lot of respect for ppl that can do any type of martial arts. I wrestled for a few years in HS and it was easily the most physically demanding thing I’ve ever done in my life. A lot of ppl think they are in good shape but they’ve never gone a full round with another human being. Hah.

Nice collection! That boa is stunning.


Appreciate the kind words! Wrestling is probably my favorite piece of the MMA puzzle. It is a whole other animal, I have so much respect for pure wrestlers.

The boa is a VERY spicy baby. Still trying to figure out the best way to tame her. She is a project for sure.


welcome! One of my favorite things about this community is just how diverse it is.

Those are some really nice animals you got there! That boa is just amazing! I see you decided to dive in head first (hehe I am a swimmer and diver) with your reptiles. An IMG for you 3rd snake is just awesome.

Do you have any breeding projects in mind or are they just going to be some really pretty pets?

It is great to have you here and can’t wait to get to know you better!


Thanks so much!

I definitely have thought about breeding in the long term since they are all babies still currently. Just building up my collection and enjoying being their mom for the time being but I would be lying if I said I haven’t been looking at future purchases based on potential breeding projects :smirk:


Welcome! Nice collection of animals! I really love your tattoo too.


Welcome Amanda!!!
Absolutely amazing to have you on here, and congratulations for the win in October!


Thanks so much! Have you got any ink yourself? Love seeing other work. This is an older pic and I just finished up the full sleeve about a month ago, here’s the last, most recent piece:


Oh my gosh! Thanks for that! :pray: :purple_heart:


That’s cool! I don’t have any myself, but would love to get one someday.


Well @amacioce welcome again to the family! I have to say you are beautiful! And obviously one tough young lady! Your background is amazing and you seem to be living your life to the fullest!

I’m a huge fur baby fan myself. Your fur babies are the sweetest looking creatures! Dogs are a big part of my life as well. And your snake collection is impressive, especially that feisty boa!

I am so glad you are here. I am sure you will be a huge contributor with your pre vet schooling as well. I believe you will really like this wonderful family! :pray::heart::snake:


Welcome to the community, Amanda! You’re already off to a fantabulous start here. We look forward to getting to know you better. With your background and your various life experiences, It’s obvious that you’re going to have lots to contribute. You and your scale babies and fur babies are more than welcome!


I have seriously really appreciated your hospitality so far, thank you again so so much!

Also would love to see your fur babies if you have any currently. :dog2: :purple_heart:


Appreciate the warm welcome so much!


Welcome to the community Amanda! :grin:
All of your babies, scaley and fur, are so cute!

Piglet is such a cute name for a Hognose, ha-ha, and I love your doodles!
My parents have doodles and they are some of the best dogs.

Not to mention you are a total badda** for being a MMA fighter. How freaking SICK :fire:

edit; “Testing my husband’s patience by “accidentally” acquiring critters has become a second job.”
Automatic follow on Instagram from me :rofl: :joy:


Ok here you go!

And my tattoo of my previous 6 fur babies that have passed over Rainbow Bridge. Five Yorkies and a poodle:


Bahaha I am glad someone appreciates my humor! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the amazing welcome and the follow! :pray: :purple_heart:


Oh my gosh how sweet :heart_eyes:


Welcome amanda, you’ll love it here.


Beautiful babies, @caron! Just had to say that.

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