I’m having a hard time identifying the gender of the one on my arm


Pics of the tail from the bottom will be needed to help. I am so jealous that you have them! I absolutely love them! I almost got a pair but couldn’t find any captive bred adults so ended up getting my Texas rat snake. Do you plan to breed?

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Hey! @logar Logan! Could they be fire skinks? I know you can’t see the tails but I wanted to throw out a bad guess! Lol! So you can make fun of me! :joy:

And thank you for straightening me out on silkie dragons! That they don’t have beards! I will remember that from now on! lol! :joy::+1:

Yes they are fire skinks! Are you still thinking about getting one?

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Welllllllllll I have looked into them and I do have an enclosure sooooooo? I am still thinking…… But I could identify something! Not a morph but at least a lizard! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::blush::sunglasses:

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