I’m hungry mom! Where’s my mouse?

Little Wardley is waiting patiently!


Ahahah, the classic smoothpuppy face. “Got a Mouse? Maybe for snek?” Great shot.


Thank you! When I got this guy he was very thin and shed right away so I could not feed him. For me I have never had a snake come looking for food but right now he needs the calories so I am going to oblige him with food when he comes looking. I just couldn’t resist taking this photo! :heart::blush::snake:


Aww, Wardley looks so sweetly patient. :heart: Clearly, he’s in need of an immediate mouse. It’s good that you’re so obliging, @caron .

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Yes he is such a little gentleman! I was a little concerned about his weight when I got him and he had a rather rough shed but I have his husbandry corrected for him. I have never had a snake actually tell me when he’s hungry but this boy is definitely different. Of course I will slow him down when he catches up with his weight. He is a very special one. So now Howard has a new brother to go with his big sister Wrenn and big brother Banana Mac! :blush::snake::snake::snake::snake:

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Nice. He’s a lucky boy to have such an attentive human!

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