I messed up…

Ok before you continue reading I need to state a few things
One this is what I believed to be right
Two I had no intent to harm my animal
Three I am a beginner and we all make mistakes in the beginning
4 please do not be rude or harass me I am trying to fix my mistake desperately
Ok so I am going to explain my bearded dragon was not pooping a lot so I lowered his feeding but he wasn’t pooping more than once a week for so long that his feeding were lower for a good while and I am starting to realize I really shouldn’t have done that he’s much smaller that I wish he was, about 170 grams, so I plan to just power feed him to try to get him to grow, any suggestions as I said please don’t attack.


Just put him back on regular feeding regimen. Power feeding does no good to any animal. Don’t be to concerned with poop, if he’s impacted you’ll know


I don’t know about beardeds, but power feeding anything is not healthy. I agree with @dsed to put it back on a regular feeding cycle and amount. No reason to try to get its weight back up quickly. And not judging, but if you are worried about it, maybe see a vet if you are able to. Sometimes just a visit and hear nothing is wrong is a big stress relief.


Hey @lizardkid, just put him back in a normal feeding schedule and you should be good :relieved:. No attacking here, you are family here just as much as anyone :wink:.


I wanted to clarify that he was on the feeding schedule that wasn’t feeding him enough for about 2-5 months, I really lost track of time


So then up him to a normal pace that is good for his current size, he will grow in time :wink:.


Just for the future, if you think your beardie isn’t pooping often enough, feeding them less isn’t going to help. Less food to digest = less poop. Also, coming from someone who started off as a beginner as well, a bit of advice: don’t worry so often. I know it’s hard since you’re new to this and worrying is almost by default, but by changing things without the knowledge base behind what you’re doing, there’s a good chance you will end up doing more harm than good. No animal goes “by the book” so you’ll have a lot of moments where you wonder if you’re doing something wrong when it’s just your pet may be a bit different than average.

Your beardie will be fine, just ease him onto a feeding schedule/diet appropriate for his age, and he’ll gain in no time, power feeding not necessary. You’re doing a fantastic job, and asking for advice when you need it is always encouraged, no judgement.


I second what everyone else has said… especially about trying not to worry so much! That said, I think most of us can relate. We all love our animals, worry about them, and want to do right by them. But I think sometimes it can be helpful to remember that beardies (and most other reptiles, honestly) are pretty hardy, resilient critters, especially when their basic needs are being met. And remember that every animal is unique, and and they may not always grow or eat or drink or poop or shed on the schedule you expect.

As others have said, there’s no need for any sort of power feeding. Just return him to a normal feeding schedule for his age and size, he’ll be just fine. It’s not like they can’t survive a few months of having a little less food than they’d like. They survive far worse food shortages in the wild. Not saying that anyone should starve their pets just because such a thing often happens in the wild, but sometimes it’s helpful to remember that these guys are designed to survive all kinds of hardships. They can survive a few minor human errors too. :slight_smile:


thanks a lot, I was genuinely worried I was about to get slammed and called an animal abuser, :sweat_smile:


@lizardkid Don’t beat yourself up lizard kid! I don’t think your beardie would like that!!! :lizard::frog::snake::wink:


Just so you know too bud, this is the most accepting and understanding pet/reptile related community I’ve found.

This isnt Facebook.

Your good, and good luck with your Bearded Buddy :wink:


I agree with all about the feeding, but no one really addressed the slow bowel movements. Most beardies love a good occasional soak, and a good warm soak usually causes them to have a bowel movement. Just get a Rubbermaid container and put in enough water to come halfway up their body. Not hot water but Luke warm, 85-100 degree.


Trust me, I have had that feeling before too. I felt very self conscious when I have to “admit” that Kai hadn’t eaten in three months awhile ago. To find out that boas sometimes just don’t want to eat really cleared my mind of a lot of worries. All of my temps and his heath was in order, he just didn’t want to eat :upside_down_face:. You will not get slammed here and if you do, the mods will take care of the person(s) that did the slamming. We are about learning and growing in the knowledge of the herps that we keep, you are all good @lizardkid.


Tried that, but he number one absolutely hated it, and 2 he would then only poop in the bath with doesn’t work for me, as a seventh grader I am occupied with a lot, I can’t go give him a bath so often and what about when I am away, am I going to get my dad to give my bearide a bath? (Spoiler he won’t) so unfortunately that’s not fully an option.


@joosh13 AMEN to that!

i dont know much either, its just a good thing that your tried to fix your mistake

The next step is to see why they arent pooping as often. What are you feeding him? Do you have a picture of your set up or can describe it? Whats your substrate, temps, heat source, vitamins/calcium, and uvb source? What do you measure temps with?


If your beardy isn’t pooping just feed it a few raspberries. Don’t feed raspberries all the time but a little bit of fruit always makes my beardies poop when I give it to them as a treat.