I need help deciding on a pet BOA

Hello everyone,

I am currently searching for my new perfect pet Boa and I have come to you for your extensive knowledge on Boas as I am having a hard time finding out what I want from online. I think a short list of questions would be the best format for this post but please any, and all information you can send my way is very appreciated. Thanks everyone! I have a budget for the actual snake of $300 max if I find one I really love but preferring to keep in the sub $200. His housing/care I already have set up and ready.

Are there any differences in the morphs in the BCI species ?(Behavior, size)
I am wanting a Boa in the mid to smaller size (5-8 feet) and with basically a more curious and less shy than a ball python attitude but will still relax with me like ball pythons do.

Are there any morphs that have possible health problems associated with them?

Any breeders you swear by or is any breeder that is a member of this site a pretty safe bet?

Also if you are a breeder and you have a particular snake that has a personality that really sticks out to you message me and lets talk!

Located in Charlotte NC 28216

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:


There are lots of really cool boa morphs in your price range. Also there are LOTS of reputable breeders…this site is a good start. As far as health issues, the super jungle boas usually do not thrive, most will survive…they just dont thrive like other morphs. I also have seen some Scoria boas with a head wobble which tells me they could have a neurological issue attached to the gene…I do not own any so all I can say is what I have personally seen in my friends animals. I have also heard some of the super fire or 'princess diamond’s have a bit if wobble from time to time…but again, that is purely hearsay at this point, and both of those morphs are WELL above what you want to spend. I would suggest just LOOK at as many as you can…and get what really ‘scoot’s your turtle’…if you like the looks, can afford it, and it is from a reliable breeder…get that one. There are some SPECTACULAR Kahl sunglow combos in that range…just find what you like the looks of, and get it!


Hey! Glad to hear you’re looking for a pet snake… a boa at that! I only have experience in ball pythons and boas so far… I find boas to be a tad more enjoyable because they’re more alert and active when you handle them. They make great affectionate snakes! While ball pythons are definitely more shy and sometimes take a little bit to open out of their ball and explore. But to answer your question I would suggest a dwarf boa (male since all males run small anyways). But if you want a female dwarf boa just know she will get a little bit bigger than the male but still smaller than your average BCI. Dwarf boas are nicaraguan boas, hog island, sonoran, pearl island boas (which are extremely rare in captivity), and peruvian long tail boas (BCL), etc. You can google dwarf localities and different kinds should pop up. They’re all definitely in your price range for the most part. I even just saw some male Nicaraguan Dwarf Boas on sale on here for only $150. In regards to certain health problems related to specific morphs, I’m not exactly sure. I just know with the Khal Albinos they tend to have eye problems and some are even born with one eye/no eyes. Let me know what you end up deciding!

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The eye problems in the Kahl albino’s, were a long time ago…when the animals were first produced and very tightly line bred. Albino in general is a weaker than normal gene(most albino strains), so whenever that already ‘weaker than normal’ gene is tightly line bred, you are bound to have some issues(especially breeding two visual albinos together). In the case of the eye issues in Kalh albinos, that has not been an issue for the better part if 15 years. The Kalh albino has been so far outcrossed and bred into so many different lines and other mutations, you rarely see eye issues linked to that trait. Also breeding visual albino to visual albino siblings, is when you usually see the most issues, so it is always better to do het x het breedings, or visual x het breedings, and also try to get unrelated animals.
But I would not worry too much about eye issues if you choose a Kalh line albino…plus you can always ask the breeder to send you pics of both eyes before you buy. Most reputable breeders will disclose any imperfections in their animals in an add…and for sure if you speak to them and ask. Most of the issues I have seen in albino snakes, of all species…were usually one eye being smaller than the other.
And the eye issue is more if an albino issue in general, and not a Kahl line albino issue.

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