I need help identifying her


Looks to be just a BCI boa to me could be a anerythristic boa. But would need some good clear pictures of the whole tail. If it has any brown or red it not one. Should be black, gray and white only.


I think a bcc

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I was told she’s was an anery het hypo her tail
Is more red then brown she was actually darker then these pictures but I woke up one day and she was much lighter

What does that stand for lol I don’t really know anything about boas

I would say that she is not a BC because the head structure and the pattern is not similar. Also hypo is a codom gene so it can’t be a het. And from the pictures she is not a typo, so you may have a dark normal or an anery. I am leaning toward an anery though. Boas change their colors slightly throughout the day if you really watch.

A boa constrictor constrictor

It has been changed to BC for boa constrictor and it is BI now also

I think it’s a common boa now

Not to be a annoying smart ass, but codom (co-dominant) is wrongfully used in the reptile community. Co-dominant is when both alleles on a gene are dominant and together create a mix in the phenotypical expression of that gene. Like when a black horse that mates with a white horse get a brown baby.

The way you (we) use codom should actually be called incomplete dominant.

Just a small biology lesson :hugs:


Sweet, I will use that from now, I love to learn.


Not an Anery, not a Hypo, not a “het Hypo,” not a BCC. It is a normal BI with low color and a lot of speckling.


These are some more pictures I took if her I realize some times her color tone gets super light she wasn’t that light when I got her she was pretty dark now she lightened up

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And I don’t know when bci or bi I stand for I never delt with boas before she’s my first

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