I need help identifying my snake

Said to be a Pastel Banana yellow belly pinstripe Het pied can’t see if there’s tell tail signs for the het pied idk someone help lol

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Pied is a recessive mutation so there should not be any visible changes in the animal because of that het. Some breeders disagree with this, but with additional mutations, such as above, they cannot be reliably identified. The only true way to track hets is to know the pairing that produced your baby.

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Do you have any reason to believe it is anything other than what it is labeled? If you got him from a quality breeder you should be able to trust there identification.


I picked him up at a expo, but just having reinsurance is nice for me and having other people more experienced share there knowledge helps a lot

Yea I know how het works but it was simply the fact that there was a debate and people saying there’s often times signs but as you stated and one other person because of the stacked genes that it’s more unlikely for said signs to show up for example normals more oftentimes have tell tail signs of het pied not always the case and doesn’t always mean it even with the signs, ringers/ black tracks on the tummy at least what I was seeing other people say… so all in all just wanted even more knowledgeable people to give some reinsurance

Even with a debate a snake labeled het would come from a visual parent so there would be no debate. I personally agree with the original breeders identification.