I need help identifying the morphs of my crested geckos

I have two crested geckos, the red/orange one I got at a reptile convention, and the other one I got from a local pet store. I never got any information about their morphs, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to identify what their morphs are. Thank you.


@ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile know a lot about cresties.
I’m going to take a guess and say the first one is a red dalmation spot and the second is an extreme harlequin dashed pinstripe.


First is a Red bicolour Dalmatian with red spots. Also has MBD. Should NOT have been sold on, and do NOT breed her/him… How they were allowed to sell is beyond me! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Second is a Harlequin pin dash Dalmatian, not an extreme.


Do you know what sex they are?

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Hi & welcome to the community.

With morphs, I agree with @ghoulishcresties although I can’t see red spots (doesn’t mean they aren’t there though). And agree these geckos shouldn’t bred (just incase you were considering it).

Unfortunately it appears as though your red gecko has mbd, how long have you had her? I assume recent given the first picture. If so, I would be inclined to contact the seller.

This is so upsetting and only fuels those that try to take reptile shows away


In the pictures, they both look female. However with one having mbd, they might need seperating as she may struggle to move away from the other gecko if needed and may cause her even more stress


We are having enough trouble atm without people selling sick animals also… It’s upsetting really…

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Yes, they are both female

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I got her I think in late may at a reptile convention, so for a little less than a month. The seller had told me she had a kinked spine, but that it didn’t bother her that much. The seller said they just wanted her to have a good home so I decided to take her.

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As long as you knew and know you can’t breed her.
Poor thing x


In UK sellers aren’t allowed to sell reptiles at shows if they are not in good health.

It’s good they told you she had a kink, however it’s not just a kink it’s MBD and it’s very serious. The seller should have given her away so I hope you didn’t pay for her.

Note reptiles do not show pain easily & is likely she is in some pain.

I would recommend taking her to a Reptile specialist vet to see how severe or not severe it may be, plus they can help you so it doesn’t get too much worse.

She may need extra calcium & vitamins, she may need seperating from the other gecko.

I’d recommend UVB light if you don’t already have this for her

What food do you feed her?

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As OP was told kink, she may of been born with it.
As y’all know last year I had 2 born with it, they both ended up female luckily and went to a friend. Both girls are doing great but both are kinked like that^
Unfortunately not sure why it happened and it can just happen. But they’re ok and will have a long happy life with him.

But as you said I really hope they didn’t pay. I’d never make someone pay for an animal that wasn’t ok…


The seller said she likes the watermelon pangea stuff so I got some while I was at the convention. I also throw in some crickets with calcium powder.