I need help identifying this spider

Just took in a couple ball pythons. One is a huge nirmal female. The othet was “just a spider”. It is 100% not just a spider though. I think it is a bumblebee something else. But what do you all think?


Looks like a high white spider. They can have a lot of white. Pastel would make it more yellow. It could have calico increasing the white.

Bumblebee for reference


I’m going to agree I’m not seeing any yellow scales at all that would lead to a bumblebee slash pastel spider identification. I agree with @steelserpents looks like just a spider.


Ive never seen one so pale. Hes so gorgeous with bright green eyes so i figured it was possibly pastel as well. The pictures do him no justice. Im in love already. He is really skinny, but so far seems healthy. Ill try and get more pics down the road that really show off it grays and browns.

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