I need help with sexing my leopard geckos

I have been wanting to breed my Leo’s for a long time, but I can’t tell what sex they are, I haven’t seen any eggs either, when I first bought them I was told one was male and the other female, but I’m not sure, can anyone else tell???

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That does indeed look like a male and female. At least going by the pores on them. The pores are more pronounced on males. However unless he’s really young, he doesn’t seem to have a very noticeable hemipene bulge… It could possibly be from his tail being lifted though.

How old are they?
Have you noticed anything before like infertile eggs?

You could have an issue with sterility on one of them or I’ve seen occasionally female leos who aren’t bred in the first 3-4 years may stop trying to produce eggs.

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The left is unknown age, but the right is a year now, I haven’t noticed any eggs, or behavior indicating eggs,
Left : 70grams
Right: 67grams

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Hmm. The size is about right to start.
Not all females will breed at a year. She may still take another couple of months or just wait for next year.

If they’re housed together it could be a stress issue where one is bullying the other. Definitely separate them if this is the case. You only want them together for a few days at a time. I’ve seen males get super stressed out, but typically it’s the breeding males who bully the females until they get ill.

They are in separate enclosures, should I wait for her first clutch? Before trying to breed her

It’s technically only the start of the typical breeding cycle, so maybe just try again next month and pair them for a day or two every couple of weeks.