I need Help with this clutch

The paar was:
0.1 hypo

1.0 confusion het Clown 66% hypo

I got 10 eggs and finally one of them didnt Born.
I would like to show you the babies. 4 of them are visual hypo but im not sure If some of them are confusion also.

And the another 5 are confusion

I took the Pics after sheed and in a photobox, i could Take Pics with Natural light If you need It.
Thanks in advance

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Anyone could help?

@saleengrinch @dj-pythons @t_h_wyman :yum:


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Iā€™m personally not seeing confusion in any of the hypos, which is a bummer. Travis is the man with confusion ID so hopefully he will chime in.


Concur with Ryan, I am not seeing Confusion in any of the Hypo animals


Thank you so much, yes i thought It. Next time the probability play with us. 9 eggs and none mix. :man_shrugging:t2:

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