I need some advice from the pros

I need some advice from the pros. I am going to preface this by some I have, and don’t have then what I bred and what to do.

I have a male proven pied. Female Mojave Het Pied, Male Banana Pastel Het Pied, Female Mojave Pied.

I bred my Mojave het piet to a visual tri-stripe male. Which produced 4 beautiful babies. 3 Mojave Het Tri-stripe 50% het pied and 1 normal Het Tri Stripe 50% het pied.

This is my dilemma I have 1 male Mojave het tri stripe 50% het pied and absolutely no one to breed him to, to prove the pied. If I put him to my visual mojave pied I can get a white snake and not know it is pied, put him to the het, chance of white snake not knowing its pied.

As of right now I am keeping the entire clutch because of the pied factor and proving them all out. So here is my question. Do I keep him and wait to get a female non-mojave pied (I am giving the female het pied this year off, I will breed her again 23/24 season.) or go ahead and sale him and not worry about it anymore? If you were in my shoes what would you do with this animal and his genetics.

Super mojaves typically have a purpleish head, but I can’t seem to find any examples of a super mojave pied anywhere


You would likely be able to tell if it proved out but I recommend against this pairing for this…

Yep but dont just search for any old pied. Look for your favourite traits + pied. If it doesnt prove out at least you’ll be somewhat happy with the clutch


Oh yeah, I forgot BEL + pied causes some issues — definitely something you’d probably want to avoid.

So yeah, I agree with Thomas, get a pied with some other morphs in it that you like, preferably without any BEL complex morphs!


Blacklights can also help.
I forget which wavelength of blacklight I’m using but a BEL will typically have very faint markings or a dorsal stripe under the blacklight. White on a pied won’t show any markings or stripe.
So a large swath of white with no pattern and some pattern would likely be a bel pied.

But like stated above, not really a good combo because of the genetic issues