I need some guidance

Alright ladies gents and non binary. I need some guidence from more experienced breeders/buyers/sellers.

I have a couple youngster females i’m considering, and i need a little guidance on which is the smarter choice.

I eventually want to produce bamboo leopards, but my immediate plans are pieds with kane.

Pastel leopard yellowbelly, het pied clown, ph albino. Shes a '21 hatchling and rather nice. Very bright, and he thinks possibly OD, pic isnt great, as far as natural lighting goes.

He also has a leopard enchi pied.

Both work for my plans, the second girl is pricier, and not as pretty.

For reference, this is a current pic of kane, mybpied, who he believes is pastel.


Because yours is already a visual pied I would go with the het with the extra genes.


I bought her. He had someone else inquire on her, and i was so disappointed when he told me. Other dude decided on another female so i jumped on her. The excitement is real.