I need Some help with the identification of our first Babysnakes πŸ˜‰


We have our first homebred babysnakes. :grin:

Now since they had their first shed we are trying to figure out what morph who is. :thinking:
This is harder than i thought it would be. :laughing:

Its the first time for us so our gueses may not be verry accurate.

That’s why we would like your opinion. :wink:

They got each their own number.
So its easier to tell them appart.

General info:

  • parrents: Pastel Genetic Stripe x Vannila

  • Shed: 1x shed

  • Clutch size: 8x

So our gueses are…
(Everybody is 100% het Genetic Stripe)

1 = Wildtype ?

2 = Pastel or Pastel Vanilla ?

3 = Pastel or Pastel Vanilla ?

4 = Pastel or Pastel Vanilla ?

5 = Wildtype or Pastel or Vanilla ?

6 = Vanilla ?

7 = Wildtype ?

8 = Wildtype or Vanilla ?

Thank you for your time. :wink:


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