I need to know what my morph is

I have stumbled into breeding crested geckos
I need help
I want to sell them but I’m not sure what the morph is and what price I should set them at
Also how do you get a live reptile to a buyer?
I currently have one hatchling a few eggs in a incubator and one juvenile
I need to sell them as they get older
I do not have a legit business
I just want to find them good homes
It’s really fun breeding them and nurturing the eggs !

Below is the new hatchling born on Halloween
I named it Spooky


Welcome to the community :blush:

You are at the right place, we have a lot of knowledgeable gecko keepers on here.
@mblaney @westridge will likely be able to help with the morph.

Spending some time going through the Marketplace and looking at the different morphs will help you work out pricing.

How to ship reptiles.

That’s what this is all about. Enjoying creating new little lives.

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Welcome! @eaglereptiles had some excellent suggestions!

I’m afraid I know next to nothing about crestie morphs, aside from ‘frog butt’ appearance. I bet @westridge knows, or maybe @azoreptiles , @ashleyraeanne , @arcanicdragon @elementalexotics @moxieexotics @ericascott ?


I do not know enough about crested gecko breeding to know if the information below is accurate, but I do know that the sources are generally well regarded:

Here some info from a reptile hobbyist magazine.

A perspective from a well regarded breeder.

Another hobbyist perspective.

From a well-known reptile product company.

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It looks like a full or cream pinstripe and maybe tricolor.


Partial pinstripe, pos reverse. Would need to see side patterning more as my also be an extreme.
Pricing depends on lineages, if no lineage obviously they’ll sell for less than if they have good known lineage x

I believe it is an extreme harlequin partial pinstripe, but would need to see side picture to confirm. Also hatchlings can change a lot.

I agree price will depend on things like lineage and head structure. The better the lineage, the more you can sell it for.

Not sure where you are from but in England we use reptile couriers

If you can find similar looking Cresties online for sale, that might give you an idea as to what you might get for your Cresties