I need to list a clutch of ball pythons I'm not 100% on the genetics

So I’m about to list my first clutch. Mom was sold to us as a normal ages ago, but after this clutch she’s suspect. Dad is I think what we’ve determined to be a super enchi banana mojave paradox.

We’ve got some of the baby genetics whittled down, but the banana enchis in this clutch especially have a lot of color, blushing, and white. The second clutch I produced with the same male did not have quite so much going on, which is why mom might be fire/vanilla? Dad maybe has pastel? One of the photos has a 1st clutch baby vs a 2nd, so you can see the difference. In person, the first clutch looks like someone turned up the saturation a bit.

In otherwords, what’s the protocol here? Do I list them as is?


Wow, those are all gorgeous little ones! Dad especially is stunning!
The big problem is that you still don’t know what the gene is. I do agree mom looks like she’s on the vanilla or somewhere in the fire complex… but without knowing what that gene is, there’s really no way to charge for it.

You can always explain that you’re not sure on the exact genetic as mom or dad seems to be hiding a gene you weren’t aware of and list the possibilities in the desc… But only list the genes that you are sure of for the listing options.
I sold a couple little ones myself that I was unsure on, one sold as a pastel BEL spider but could have been enchi or orange ghost. Another this year I sold as a special coral glow orange ghost + Since I sisn’t know if fire or pastel was the shift in color that I was seeing.

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Thank you! I wasn’t sure if there was any sort of faux pas regarding just selling them that way. Dad was originally sold to us as a super enchi paradox and we immediately snagged him. He’s definitely not and we were excited to prove him out. Unfortunately it looks like mom needed some proving out too, lol.

Either way, I’ll charge fairly and just be upfront that obviously there’s extra but I don’t know what it is. My goal was just to produce some nice quality, healthy babies. They’ve been slamming mice and they’ve got dad’s spicy attitude.

The first clutch was nice, the second was too, but didn’t hit the mark like I would have liked. I probably won’t do that one again. I’m trying to decide if I should hold a baby back and what I would like to add in next since I do have a better idea of what I’m working with.


I agree with the others that it looks like fire/vanilla is here. If I didn’t see the parents I would have thought calico too, but I think fire is the right guess there with that high white blushing up the sides and in the flames!

I would take a solid bet that dad is albino paradox not super enchi (unless it is albino as well). Here is my albino chimera for example. The issue is dad also looks to be a chimera, so it depends what genetics his gonnads recieved

I could be wrong, the babies look far closer to super enchi than the adults. So maybe both parents have enchi? But the white and yellow screams albino to me, not banana.

Dad is most definitely a Banana and not and Albino as is evident by the visual Banana offspring :grin:

Bananas, especially combo Bananas, wash out with ontogenetic colour change/age

Can you post pics of the entire second clutch? It would certainly help

I am honestly not seeing anything here that speaks definitively to the Dame being anything other than a light normal. I have seen some pretty wild variation in Banana babies and all of yours fall within that range. Not saying the Dame is not something, just saying that from this single clutch I do not feel you can make a definitive and absolute call on her. The only way I feel you could be certain would be to breed her to something in the BlkEL complex

I have always subscribed to the school of thought that you only list what you know for certain. In the description for the animal you can post any suspicions or you can convey that information to any potential buyers through messages. It is a far better business decision to sell someone more than they paid for and have them pleasantly surprised when they breed than to have it bite you in the butt years later when their entire project falls apart because you mislabeled what you sold to them :+1:t4:


Yeah, dad is definitely not an albino. XD And he’s definitely super enchi. Every single baby he’s produced has enchi. This was his baby photo. I couldn’t figure out what he was at the time, but now we know.

I’ll have to get photos of the second clutch after work, I’ve been waiting on them all to finish their first shed. This is the only other comparison photo I have. First clutch on left, second on right.

This one was also part of the first clutch. I missed that one.

I’ll just label them what I know and leave it at that. It’d be nice to have all the info, but I’m sure these babies will still find great homes. They all came out beautiful.


The one in the third pic is really neat looking man, I’m not good with identifying morphs yet, so I don’t got any help to offer you on that, but nice looking clutch, for sure

I named him Sumi when he was a baby, for Japanese black ink. He looked like someone had grabbed him with ink-stained fingers.

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The baby pic is much more clear it is not albino, the adult picture id call albino all day, i was under the impression super enchi had high orange, so thought the orange babies could have been super enchi. Ball pythons are hard xD

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