I think I found the one!

So I have been looking through MM and found this absolute beauty.

She is 115g hatched around January time, she is feeding well, my only thought Is what morph is she? She is advertised as pastel het albino the breeder thought that she was orange dream but he isn’t sure either so I’m not 100% sure…opinions?

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Not Really the best pic, but i am not seeing od in that. Could be the lighting though :woman_shrugging:


It’s the only picture I have for now

No OD in that snake.


Nope no OD in that snake at all.


Any opinions on what morph she actually is?

Probably pastel het albino

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She is pastel for sure.You can’t tell visually if she is het for albino you will just have to trust the breeder for that part.

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Do you have any reason to doubt the breeder?

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He wasn’t sure himself so thought I would ask

If someone is not sure with something as basic as a pastel what else is he not sure about? Does he even know the pairing? Did he produce the animal?


Yeah he bred it

Hi Dave, I think what Stewart is getting at is if the breeder doesn’t know then is he or she the best person to be buying from.

That said I have bought from extremely reputable breeders and on 2 occasions they have told me that there maybe a gene in the snake that we just cant see even if both parents were carrying for example my last purchase was an ivory enchi possible super enchi… yellow belly and enchi in both parents but the super form of yb which is ivory makes it very difficult to tell if that juvenile is carrying the super enchi. Time will tell but the snake was sold to me as an ivory enchi and not at a double super price.

Anyway hope your cool man and stay well👍

I just asked about the delivery of the bp as I have never used a courier service and apparently it’s been sold now…maybe a blessing in disguise, how ever I have found a spotnose male bred this year, it’s from a shop but I’m not sure if that makes a difference obviously he won’t have been handled as much but it’s all experiance right?

Oh I forgot to tell you about the other occasion this happened, we bought a super pastel Mojave het clown, paid that price for him but breeder said at the time possible spotnose, well the older he has got the more spotnose we se in him but once again only proving this animal out with breeding will give us the truth.

Where are you based dave? Are you in the US?

So the only way you would find the real genetics would be through breeding?

No I’m in the UK mate

Sort of mate, some Gene’s you can spot a mile off but others can be more subtle. 9 times out of 10 people here can see what is going on (unless it is het) BUT sometimes like I mentioned it just so happens that there is something you cant see.

For the record I couldn’t see any OD in that picture.

Me too. Which county?