I think we hit our goal for the year!

That last one is a keeper for sure!

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Here he is after shedding. I’ve spoken with several larger breeders and all agree he is a russo leopard clown!


Amazing! Definitely a project I would want to take part in. I would love to see pictures as he ages as well.

Here is my old Leo Clown.

From both those pictures, I’d say he’s a Leo Clown, no Russo. Look at the head patterns and same red blushing in the dorsal stripe. I could be wrong tho, I didn’t work with russo.


I’m kind of on your side, but the amount of people who work with russo clowns that think he is russo pretty much have me convinced. I’ve even had several rather large offers for him.


It’s definitely a hard one to call. Like I said I’ve never worked with Russo, so I really can’t be certain. But from the Leo Clowns I’ve worked with, that’s a text book Leo Clown. Either way that’s a stunner, and if the people who work with Russo gave you the offer after they think it’s a Russo, I’d be confident selling him to them for that.
If you’re not going to hold him back, I’d sell him for the offer you mentioned.
Overall killer clutch man.


You are ahead of the game in terms of the project so if I were you I would hold him back but you are obviously free to do what you want. Justin at JKR started working with them so once he works with them for a year or two more your boy will shoot up in value because many people follow Justin’s projects and buy whatever he is working with.