I thought I would get to it today

Hi my name is Riley and I live in South FL. I have a huge passion for snakes in general, and one day hope to possibly breed them. Right now I have 1.0 BI, and looking forward to maybe getting another eventually. In particular I am fascinated by the world of genetics in reptiles, and the fact the you can actively work with genes. Lastly thanks for reading, I know that it took me a while to get to it. :joy:


I’m sorry, but it’s too late- I can’t think of you as Riley, only lumpy. :upside_down_face: (Kidding… mostly)

I should make an introduction thing too, I don’t think I ever did. The problem is that I love to talk about myself way too much, so the posting would be like a full news article. :joy:


I would be up for a great read @mblaney …Lumpy is the nickname of my dog Jersey, but I am fine with be called either. The only thing is the @ only works with Lumpy, so…


I’m with @mblaney here, you are to be forever known as Lumpy :yum: no going back now.

As you have probably noticed already, we are extremely lucky to have Dr Travis Wyman on board here (I really recommend googling his name and spending a few hours reading/watching/listening), which makes a huge difference when we get into them juicy genetic debates :wink:.

It’s not as bad as @ashleyraeanne who took forever to get around to doing her introduction :wink:

Make sure to keep this updated as your journey grows.

Edit: I just read your profile bio… :green_heart: