I’ve had a few people say lg and a few say just a platty?

I know it looks jackly, but this is kind of what I was thinking :thought_balloon:


Here is a morph market calculator says about the super ultra platinum X black eyed Lucie platinum ultra

Yeah that’s what the calculations put out.
But I do know Black Eyed Lucy’s have health issues which could lead to the lack of breeding between the morphs.
Interesting for sure tho.

So that mean that it’s kind of like when you breed Motleys together. I’m pretty sure the blackeye Luces have a respiratory tract problems

I believe so on the Motley. Tigers are the same, they can produce offspring with issues as well in the super form.
But I think Black Eyed Lucy’s problems are more GI-tract issues not respiratory. I could be wrong as I’ve never really researched those genes.

I meant to put GI not RI

No worries :+1:

Btw I met to say that Lemon Glow is supposed to be het for BlkEL not “het platinum” that was a typo.

Basically the Ultra Ivory, Ivory, and BlkEL is a complex within the same vein as Clark Series Albino.

The 2 genes are allelic, and when you mix the two the result is the intermediate Ivory.

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That’s what I was kind of saying like with how the purple plus White equals lavender albino