I want a hognose

Anyone know how i can legally get a hognkse in Colorado? You can have up to 4 but getting it is a problem. Any ideas.?


You can legally collect four wild animals each year, up to a max of twelve. I’m unclear whether this requires a permit but I imagine it does. You can not legally own, buy, sell or trade captive bred western hognoses without obtaining a breeders license.


My legalese is rusty, but I don’t believe this requires a permit based on the wording of the rule itself. That said, this means wild caught only, and there are rules as to how you can legally get rid of them if you can no longer keep them.

As far as legally owning a captive bred hognose, that would require a license. I know Hip Hogs operates out of CO and has an FAQ on their website with more info. You may consider reaching out to them for more localized help.