I want a Rat Genetics Calculator [872]


Does anyone know or have an email or contact information for who created the ball python genetics calculator?

I am willing to pay to have him create a similar calculator for rats genetics and would love to get in contact with him.


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If you can’t get ahold of them hit me up. :slight_smile:

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@john @owalreptiles

Flagging the guys most likely able to help you


Thank you! Hopefully I’ll get a reply :blush:

I’ll send you a message if I don’t hear from them :blush:

The one on morphmarket was made by John. I made one previously and gave john the info to get a started on the database for the current one.


Will the Genetics Calculator eventually be able to do 50% hets? Just curious.

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Was my answer not good enough for you? :triumph::triumph:

I’m so hurt :cry:

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It was! >.<

I was just wondering if it was gonna be a possibility. Your answer was the best, I promise!

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I would actually like someone to answer the question to make sure I was ballpark haha.

To anyone out there can you do the % figure for 50% het x 50% het? I thought about it for awhile and was thinking like 16.666% but am I way off?


That would be a waste of time myself the animal whether 66% or 50% Het is either het or is not so the calculator already has those answers you just need to run both scenarios

For example

Pied X Het Pied

Pied X Normal


Ok so it’s a little better chance than I thought…I couldn’t figure out the right math equation it’s really slipped in the post education years :joy::joy::joy:
That does seem way higher than I would expect though…



Thanks for the info! John sent me a message and he can’t work on another one right now.

Are you able to start on one for rats for me? :blush:

Possible hets input is a future future that could be added. We have more urgent needs for the calculator like handling visual recessives correctly.

You guys are free to discuss building rat calculators, but please use PM/DMs :slight_smile:

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Is this on GitHub somewhere?

No it’s not open source.

Even if we wanted to make it OSS, it’s too tightly connected with the rest of our functionality and would be considerable work to decouple.

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We do have plans to get rodents on the site… and if there are morphs, we can enable a calculator.

To literally answer your question, 1/16.
To actually answer your question, the odds are either 1/4 or 0, most likely 0

When dealing with poss hets, you need to take into consideration how they were picked (do they have het markers, or unusual pattern/coloration), and how many you have.
Often breeders can pick out possible hets at rates higher than their advertised 50%

It would be a good idea to have multiple females, and to confirm the het status of the male by breeding him to another snake while waiting for the females to mature.

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