I wanted to introduce yall to my new baby, Matilda! She is pleased to meet you!

Matilda is my second corn and I think, she is coral ghost tessera motley. She is super chill and curious, and is a good eater! She was born August 2020 and I got her in April. I love her!

She likes the chest pocket on my overalls lol


She’s lovely! And what a cute name.


Thank you! I originally chose a different snake, who I named Merlin, I had paid for in Jan 2021, and waited for warm weather to ship. I live in Vermont and it was very cold for a while which postponed shipping,

but I kept in touch with the breeder, I had the tank and decorations and thermostat and heater ready to go for a while! I love my first corn snake, 8 yrs old amelanistic Vivi, so much I wanted to get a baby! And I researched almost a year waiting for the right one to choose for me, who I thought was Merlin!

When shipping time came for me in April, I tried organizing the shipment, but my breeder disappeared for 2 weeks, then when I finally got ahold of him, he Merlin had passed away, :pleading_face: and offered me this girl in his place. Weird situation but I accepted, I was happy he made it right, she is amazing

She’s actually a nicer snake (I hate to admit it because I was looking forward to Merlin so much and was so sad he died… but she’s sooo stunning to me! Mesmerizing!)

I’m very happy with my baby corn​:pray: the name Matilda popped into my head the day she was shipped to me, it just came out of no where, but I did love the book and movie as a kid :slight_smile: I still love them, but I did back then too :heart:

Her nickname is Tilly! I hope she grows into a big beautiful elegant adult with me some day - here’s to hopefully another great 20 years! I’ve had 8 with my other corn so far and they’ve blown my mind, I never expected keeping a corn would be like it is! :upside_down_face:!

Here is a pic of my adult corn,Vivi, trying to get my attention to let her out! Lol, don’t worry I did! I just upgraded her enclosure last year but she’s grown a lot and I am already planning a new setup for both my snakes

(I plan to get 1 more corn this autumn, there is a particular mother snake out there I really adore that I want a baby from!)



Sad story about Merlin but at least the seller handled the situation in a satisfying way. A little good luck on your part in that sad story was at least it happened before he was shipped to you. Would be even more sad if you would have already got him and really got connected to him and he would have passed then. Good luck with your new baby snake. She really looks very cute.

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Look at her! She is adorable. Tell her she’s a good girl for me.

She’s going to be very pretty when she grows into her colors.