I was bad this weekend! 2 new additions

I was bad this weekend @ a show…& got not one…but 2 more snakes! Happy late Bday to myself!! Lol. Meet Tekken & Byakko!! My new baby Mexican Hognose & SE Asain pipe snake!


Obsessed with the new pipe snake…was told she was eating…hopefully that was a trueful statement. Not alot…ok Any care info out there on these & Im an expert level keeper…but anyones who has actually kept these before…if you could chime in…Id apperiate any 1st hand knowledge with them!!

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Set on getting a male now somehow if everything goes well with her… very neat…underrated type thing I feel…its like a Saharan sand boa & a milksnake had a baby!!(impossible btw)…but Ill be keeping it basically like a rubber boa with a larger water source. Turns out they have a pelvic gridle & are live birthers & althO its actually its own serperate species Im reading with only 8 subs…its more closely related to a rubber boa probably then I was giving them credit for…@ least. Interesting snakes!! & mone is sooo chill & cool… she seems happy in her new cage. :wink: so far…so good. Maybe if all goes well after 6 months…Ill post my own care guide :slight_smile:


That’s a cool new duo. The pipe snake is interesting, The idea of picking up something less common has the added enjoyment of feeling things out yourself. Good luck with her.


Thank you…she is my new current obsession…I know how it sounds.but she likes me too…got right up in my face when zi got home just calm & checking everything out…& she came from an import dealer…I probably shouldn’t have gave buiness too…but … she probably hasnt been able to bury herself since she was in the wild…she seems so happy… buried with her head sticking out :slight_smile:


The Mexican…his moms Parents were wild caught & I guess his dad was …but he is pure F1…F2…idk. wild Mexican hognose bloodlines…so he is pure local…he was captive breed & hatched July 14th with 3 meals thus far!! He is soooo tute I cant stand it so little!! He came from what was probably the most reputable breeder @ that show…& he was expected price point. Lol. The pipe snake…I hate to say what I gave for her…lets say cheap as…& leave it @ that…lol

This gal is super neat! Always love seeing the seldom kept species! :fuelpump::fire:


How exciting! It must be so cool to have something that others aren’t super familiar with just yet. Congratulations on the two new additions!

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Thanks!! Im having alot fun researching her!! Hopefully all goes well considering that she is a WC import!! & my little new hognose already ate! No problem…f/t even. It was his 4th meal…ever.

By a year old…he is gonna be a little terror!! Haha…always hungry!

If you have a chance to look up Asain pipe snakes…they have a really cool defense of flattening the back third of their body & raising their stumpy tail to look like a cobra head…while it tucks it real head. With under bands/checks that look like a krait. Mine isnt scared of me…at all. Haven’t seen her do it…

Mine is a " red tailed" pipe snake. In Native Thai languages it translates to “2 headed snake”. Just super neat stuff!

Her tail is orange…if you zoom in…her Coloka is where the orange starts!!! Smallest tail ever in the history of everdom. ( the males where about twice that but not quite even!)


Omg…phone…cloaca **!!