I was trying for a tongue flic pic

47 pics and this is the best I got. Special Pied I picked up at Pomona from Troy over at Best Dressed Balls.


here is one for ya!


You just gotta get lucky…not easy.

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Does your cell phone camera have that action shot option ? It will take like 20 photos and you can look through them ,and see if you got your pic.

I love tongue pics:] my kong is predictable so I just took about 6 pics and 4 of them were flicks , all just with a camera phone… I think the phone sparks his interest


For getting good tongue pictures you will need a fast shutter speed, and lots of light. Lots of light to keep the ISO low, high ISO = more noise/grain in your image. You want a mid range aperture f 5.6 or so. I normally shoot at f/8 to f/10, but I have two studio strobes throwing a ton of light on the subject. The higher aperture number helps get more depth of field allowing more to be in focus. But closing down the aperture to 5.6 will require more light. Higher the number, smaller the hole/aperture = less light that will be let in… Causing your camera when in auto mode to bump up ISO, and slowing the shutter speed. To compensate for less light being let into the camera. Learning how to use the manual settings on your camera will really help take better pictures. Even most newer cell phone cameras have some sort of manual settings.

Here are a few examples these were shot at 1/250 of a second shutter, with an aperture of f/11, at 200 ISO.


If you’re working with a basic smart phone for the picture, I’ve found it easiest to take a video for like 20 seconds, then go through and screen shot the moment.

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I managed to get a double tongue flick on this pic! And I was taking the pics with my iPhone X lol