I was wondering if people would like further posts about arachnids

Ive been wanting to do more in my series of posts about arachnids/scorpions, thier care, facts etc.

I know i received some good response from my “so you want to keep desert scorpions” just not sure how many actual active readers we have here, if there us a demand for the knowledge.

I am in the works of securing a better camera and am thinking of making a professional IG page about arachnids and my snakes I’d like to expand to YouTube however i hate the sound of my recorded voice (its like a chipmunk) especially to combat the misinformation and sensationalism that often leaves the animals exploited and abused for views and likes.

My who goal is to be a good ambassador of my animals while exhibiting proper procedures, tool useage and education about the species to highlight the positive but also express any potential hazards.

What is y’alls feeling on this, do you think this is good? Do i make a good ambassador? Am i easy to understand and emulate? As always any input or criticism is something i listen to and take heed. I know there is a segment of the population that has aracnophobia but maybe i can help with exposure and education, maybe i might encourage someone to conquer a fear. Im open to thoughts here.


I say if you enjoy making the posts do it. The great thing about forums like this, as long as it remains online it’ll be a good repository for information that can be difficult to find at times. I lament the loss of shared knowledge from the deletion of forums like Jeff Ronnes boa forum.


I love those posts. There aren’t many people that keep arachnids on here so I always love reading your posts and learning more about them. It helps create a more welcoming forum because there’s a wider range of information about less-kept species. If you wanted to make a YouTube channel/IG page that would be great too, I personally don’t have an interest in making social media accounts but the more people that do to spread information the better imo.


Any good, accurate information on arachnid husbandry is awesome. Especially all the scorpion stuff. I plan on adding scorpions to my collection in the near future and would appreciate the information.


I love all the info @rmleone keep it coming!


They really are amazing animals, and i will definitely release more info!. Everything from husbandry to feeding to safety.


Possibly by the spring i will also post about breeding/reproduction and care.
What made me think of this is a bad YouTube “star” who seems only interested in “unboxing” vids and his scorpions are all improperly cared for and housed. He was freaking out because his female Hottentotta Hottentotta was eating her babies from her back. He had the wrong environment for her, gave her no hide just a huge rock which she was unable to hide he also left her under bright fluorescent bulb overnight and im pretty sure he underfeeds them as their feeding responses ( of the others) were hyper I’ve never had my scorpions act in that manner. Female scorpions are good mothers until their babies leave her back. Being underfed prior to having babies plus all the stress had her eating her young. Hottentotta Hottentotta are partheneogenic most partheneogenic scorpions are communal however once the babies leave her back after their 1st molt they may be eaten by her or tank mates best to separate them immediately after. Until the babies leave her back she will protect her babies.


I’m pretty sure I know exactly who you’re talking about. He has a reputation in the invert hobby for bad care advice and husbandry examples.


I’ve been wanting to do social media not for likes but strictly for education and to really kinda push back against the one’s who use the animals as props. These are living beings not toys.

This guy keeping 25 Deathstalkers in one small enclosure is reckless. Many scorpions and arachnids are not communal. This leads to territorial fights, some animals being malnourished and some downright predated. It’s stressful for them and dangerous for him.

Scorpions and their venom and their potential for danger is nothing to take lightly. When i need to spot clean i need to know where my scorpion is at all times, they aren’t likely to run up to you and sting you, thats not typical behavior, however if you reach your finger into where they are they may feel threatened and sting.

In a world of boundless stupidity i try to be the voice of reason.

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Love this!


While I personally will probably never keep scorpions/arachnids (unless I want a divorce I guess) I do enjoy reading random facts about different species every now and then!

I took note of the Desert Scorpion post, but only ever realized it was a guide when I saw this topic. So I guess the only criticism I have is that it wasn’t easily noticeable as one.

Even though I have absolutely no clue about the scorpions, I feel I got everything relevant from the guide and could probably successfully set up an enclosure!


Thank you for your input i appreciate it.